Club Equipment

Equipment is stored by the Equipment Secretary, and may be booked out by any club member.

Available equipment

  • 2x 50m abseil ropes (with rope protectors)

  • 1x DMM Dragon Cam 7

  • 1x DMM Dragon Cam 8

Equipment safety

Our equipment is kept based on the BMC Club Equipment Guidelines.

The Equipment Secretary is responsible for:

  • maintaining inspection and usage records;

  • performing detailed inspections in accordance with manufacturer guidance.

However, crucially:

Pooled equipment is used at the individuals own risk.

The individual should check to make sure any pooled equipment that they borrow is safe to use and is appropriate for its intended purpose. Check it before you use it.

Terms of use

General conditions for all equipment:

  • Equipment is loaned out to a named individual. It is the individual's responsibility to:

    • return the loaned item(s) within a reasonable timescale;

    • report any damage or extreme use that may warrant a more thorough inspection by the Equipment Secretary.

  • Club equipment on may be used on non-official meets with other club members.

  • Pre-use checks must be carried out. These are not the responsibility of the Equipment Secretary.

For abseil ropes:

  • Pre-use checks must include:

    • Check the full length of the rope for abnormally thin, fat or spongy areas.

    • Check for damage to the sheath, and in particular, any areas of exposed core.

  • It is accepted that third parties may use the rope while unattended by SAKMC members.

  • Ropes should be deployed carefully, avoiding sharp edges and using rope protectors where required.

  • Ropes should be returned securely coiled.

For DMM Dragon Cams:

  • As per manufacturer guidance, pre-use checks must include:

    • Ensure that the product operates smoothly throughout its complete range of movement.

    • Ensure that when the trigger is released from any position the cams instantly return to their fully expanded position.

  • Any significant falls must be reported, regardless of whether any visible damage has been caused.

  • Detailed usage instructions can be found on the DMM website.

Booking out equipment

Contact the Equipment Secretary via email to